Clicky is a wonderful web analytics tool to see traffic on your website . I recommend it to everybody I know, because it has tons of features, I cannot live without Clicky I guess. It’s always open as a tab on my explorer so I can Spy on people who is visiting my website LIVE. That’s really cool.

Some Clicky Features You would like:

* Fully customizable dashboard, lots of filters

* Track every visitor who comes to your web site with amazing detail, and view all their history with one click. ( See their IP’S, company names, host names, country, and all other details)

* See where they live (thats one of best features) on Google map

* Name your visitors and see when they come back (My many clients surf on my pages and I can see them instantly)

* SPY ( I think this is the best feature) yes SPY on your visitors LIVE

* Access your data outside of the Clicky interface with RSS feeds

* Affiliate program (you can make money by referring other people)

* Compatible with Flash and Ajax sites

* and tons of other Features

You can try demo and have 21 day free trial to see how it works

I did and I am addicted now, I compared it to many other analytics providers such as Google Analytics , Feedburner, SiteMeter..etc…You dont get that many features,

plus SPY…oh you would love this

so don’t wait and just get your Clicky NOW 🙂

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