I have just created a new GROUP for ARTS and Crafts, Group is so new, it needs some new members

Benefits: For members only

– free how to do tutorials, ask your question and me or somebody from group will answer it step by step, would be you:))

– free files to download and use for projects

– Discussions and news, links to websites

– Full control for members to access and create their polls, files and folders..

-Share our creations , printed stationery or handmade any crafts pictures

– Promote your products and links to your website

– Just enjoy

Here is Group Address:

here is Group Description

Are you interested in crafts, selling on Ebay, or preparing your own baby shower card and sell it to your neighbors:) Here is the group you may wanna look at. I design and sell many different things to stay at home moms:) companies, individuals to create their own crafts and sets, many are so happy that, they cannot keep their hands off. So anyway lets get into some business and earn some good money,,,join Crafty Goodies and get the best tutorials, help and files also freebies for your own business. Share the Artist in you.


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