Ok. Mujka has just launched a new website with better features and shopping cart. I am still updating it with existing content and added new design sections.

There is product categories which now you can see details of each vector and stationery set with license options. Also some new services that I offer to my customers.

I have a little glitch on IE browsers though. This site requires cookies enabled otherwise shopping cart does not work in full function. So if you are IE user and new items are not added to your basket or having problems with log in, please enable your cookies so you can enjoy full features of the shop.

Let me know what you think and if you experience any bugs or problems related to browser issues. I would try to fix it.


  1. I love the design and it’s very easy to navigate. Do you sell any ready made graphics with exclusive full rights? So what I mean is the customer becomes the copyright owner with resale rights.


  2. Hi
    Suzanne thank you.

    Only ready made graphics are my stock illustrations and they do not have the option of full rights. I only sell it with extended license but copyrights remains.

    I design exclusive graphics to many clients and you need to make a written copyright agreement between Mujka and your company to have the full rights.

    Also individually I sell copyrights of some images from my stock collection and in 72 hours make the image unavailable from all stock websites.

    In the future I am thinking to create an exclusive section and sell ready mades with copyrights.

    if you have any questions please email me from my website.

    Thank you


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