Damask Overlay V1

4 PNG  VICTORIAN DAMASK pattern overlays. Transparent and can go on any kind of surface. Also seamless, can be repeated horizontal or vertical to create bigger and much bigger surfaces.
Open a new Photoshop or PS Elements document . Fill with any color. Open Mujka Damask overlay file and place one of the transparent Png on your page
Using blending modes ( overlay, multiply..etc) create such rich color damask surfaces.

Formats: EACH 12X12 inch  PNG. 300 DPI. White areas are transparent

2 thoughts on “Damask Overlay V1

  1. Thats very easy
    All you need is one damask file
    and programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, or even Microsoft Publisher.

    you need to create a page that is exact size of your card.
    If you use Photoshop
    make cards background pink
    just open the damask pattern you got and place it on one layer
    ( drag and drop to the page, it automatically creates a layer)
    move it wherever you want it to be..Thats it really.
    Every program is different so I dont know what you have:)


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