Kateena my dearest client turned to my friend for over 7 years. We have started her branding back in the days when everything was Shabby Chic! When she asked me to design a full rebranding, it was a challenge to take her old brand and totally rewamp it. She wanted to establish a contemporary and modern brand and start offering Wholesale of her products!

Check out what we did over the years for her brand 😉

Please find her at  and

Her new logo, labels, website and marketing materials!

K BODY CREATIONS LOGO kbodyslide_fDIFFERENCE kbodyslide_LOVE kbodyslide_REVITALIZEbodyscrub2-croppedCloser and whitened!cid_7A88AEA6-0B07-4C52-9EC6-EAA7F98E76FB!cid_1E986E70-6916-4AEA-845E-747C6DA1C7A3 !cid_7BA1CB32-CCBD-43D6-BD5D-CEEBF5B6D888 !cid_528014A7-BCC2-45FE-A68F-248BE87E5200 !cid_BBA62761-E2A3-4B24-BF4B-9C1A94E22B47 10438992_10153512449473998_8025304651073028131_n


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