About Me

My name is Burcu (aka Boo) People also call me MUJKA 🙂

I am highly creative  innovative designer with 15+ years of experience in modern chic illustrations, logo design, niche exclusive graphics, surface patterns and invitations.


  • I worked with National & International Companies, Non- Profits on their branding, marketing and social media management.
  • Designed numerous invitation and greeting card lines for Hallmark, American Greetings, Canadian Greetings and other small businesses and individuals.
  • My surface patterns are also sold through large Textile companies throughout US and Europe for retail.
  • Founder of www.mygrafico.com,  managing it’s operations and social media…

If you are looking for a out of the box designer to give you not only A DESIGN SERVICE but full branding , business consulting, marketing advice and after support.
You found me.



If you have any inquiry please fill the form and send over.  If you want to say HI, please comment below.


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi. i saw your site and yur vector images.i totally dig them.i’m into t-shirt designs and i wud love to have some vector design for t-shirts.how can i get them made? i look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hi there, I was hoping you could donate a few of your gorgeous seamless tiles to my website which I entered above. I am trying to build a large free collection and each artists who donates gets a credit link back to their website where web developers can follow and get your info, etc. Thanks!


  3. Hi,
    I have a question, I don’t know if I can ask on here but I didn’t know how else…
    I don’t have Illustrator or any of the other programs so I was wondering if I got the free trial and bought one of your designs if it would work…?? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks your designs are awesome!


  4. hi Chelsea

    I have some freebies (click on freebies link above menu)
    download illustrator trial version and first try with freebies before purchasing anything

    This way you can try and see

    my designs work with registered or trial version, no problem
    but I suggest try it with freebies first


  5. I recently came upon your website, I have to say that your talent is awesome, I have a concept in mind and when I have worked it all out I will come back to you as to how I can work in with you using your services.


  6. hai.mujka
    I like make design graphis for t-shirt
    I’m very glad if we can do together
    Can I join with your company


  7. thanks so much – I used one of your Eastern borders for my wedding programs and made a custom logo with our names & wedding date. so cute! It reminds me of henna tattoos I used to do 🙂


  8. I am interested in your bridal shower invitations, would love to have them printed. They look awesome, the best I have seen. I look forward to hearning from you.


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