HOW TO CREATE FLORALS Very simple 8 steps to follow, no drawing experience needed🙂 all you need is knowing where the tools are so here we go. CREATING A STEM STEP 1: Draw a thin vertical rectangle with rectangle tool and go to EFFECTS menu, select DISTORT & TRANSFORM / TWIST. Set a value … Continue reading HOW TO CREATE FLORALS -ILLUSTRATOR

10 QUESTIONS from users of ILLUSTRATOR CS2/3

Over the past couple months I have been receiving some cool some odd questions regarding to Illustrator. This is nothing like a tutorial or answers how to draw things with step by step pictured instructions but some information about things people are curious about so Here I want to share the questions and answers. 1- … Continue reading 10 QUESTIONS from users of ILLUSTRATOR CS2/3

Dealing with OPEN PATHS in Illustrator in 2 steps

Couple little things you need to know about when creating a vector image, especially if you are going to sell it on stock websites Here are some tips and tricks for making the best out of your work. Mostly time savers. OPEN PATHS: If you are dealing with open paths, you are in trouble, so … Continue reading Dealing with OPEN PATHS in Illustrator in 2 steps

Halftone Illustrator Brushes Tutorial

Hello everybody OK, after reading so many emails about how to create halftone brushes, I will write down 2 simple tutorials for it There is two ways to create half tone patterns 1- Photoshop 2- Illustrator or any other vector editing program. 1- With Photoshop ( we will transfer the image to Illustrator later) A- … Continue reading Halftone Illustrator Brushes Tutorial